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Can't we all just get along?

There's nothing better than having a good chuckle on a rainy Saturday morning. This morning's chuckle came courtesy of, who else, Big Alice.

It all began yesterday when one of the "detractors" posted a question to Big Alice:

"MS, do you have something to back up that TomKat's arrival was planned by the WB for last?"

Big Alice responds:

"*****, my knowledge comes from experience working these things. KH didn't just decide to show up last; she was told to. That way, the stars of the film got their proper due before the TK frenzy began...which planners fully expected and some execs even hoped for. It's about throwing attention to the film, which TC did simply making making an appearance there. Sneaking into the theater wouldn't have sufficed."

Enter Detractor #2:

"Here we go again!!

MS, unless you work for WB or scheduled the arrivals yourself, you couldn't possibly KNOW that for a fact. Lets be fair. If something is an assumption or a belief it should be stated as such. Generally, the lead actor or actors are scheduled for arrival last. That would probably have been Christian Bale or maybe, out of respect for his long career, Michael Caine. Katie was a co-star with a limited role. She wouldn't have been scheduled last.


MS, Respectfully, we can ALL say we have "knowledge" based on "experience working these things". No offense, but that doesn't suffice. Throwing around your self proclaimed "insider" status doesn't cut it for me. I could do the same. If you worked in PR for one of the major studio's or agencies in an important position I think you'd state it and it would be verifiable.

I'm sorry if this comes across as a personal attack. It's not. Not at all. I'm doing it HERE because YOU constantly use that "insider" thing to backup your arguments. You do it all the time MS. If you're going to do that on a public forum, the other members have a right to question that "insider" knowledge and wonder where it comes from. Using the old "I know more than everyone else so listen to me" argument is a double edged sword. If you're going to use it, you're going to be called on it. You can't possibly just expect everyone to take you at face value. I wouldn't expect anyone to do that for me.

Again, My apologies if this is hurtful to you, but once and for all, I had to say what a few of us have been thinking. I'm just the one that happens to be ballsy enough to do it."

Followed by Detractor #1:

"MS, do you have experience working for a studio and planning these events? (I ask this seriously, because it seems you have done it all in Hollywood, given your experience and knowledge about all aspects of Hollywood life and workings)"

Big Alice (blatantly ignoring Detractor #2) says:

"I have experience from the celeb side. And, yes, I have been living and working in this Heinz 57 world for some time...hence the "experience and knowledge about all aspects of Hollywood life"."

Detractor #2, obviously wasting her time trying to have a big girl conversation:

"By your lack of response, I'm sure you're offended, but PLEASE don't be. You're very open about your knowledge and proud of what you do, obviously. It's only natural that your sources, status and information should be questioned. You can't end a discussion with "because I have experience" and not expect to be questioned. Again, if YOU use it, you must have expected that many of us wouldn't just take your status at face value."

Enter Detractor #3:

"MS I take it from your celeb answer, that you have/are working for someone famous? If that's the case I can't believe you approve of Tom's behaviour. If it happened to the person you are working for (OK big assumption I have no idea what you do, but whenever we have a 'Hollywood' debate, you seem to keep telling us you know more about it than everyone else on this forum) how would they react?"

Big Alice (again ignoring Detractor #2's completely reasonable questions and attempts at discussion):

"I do and it's fine by me. Part of the reason I argue so vehemently is because I understand the celeb side and I think it is vastly misunderstood. Actually, TC would defer to my employer!"

sunnyringo: *snort* About what? Being a recurring target of Matt & Trey's?

It was around this time that a particularly nasty and hilariously stupid Big Alice enters the picture to hurl insults, demand people provide "direct quotes" that they never claimed to have, and basically irritate everyone in the name of "having fun". One of his claims is that The Detractors will, "never substantiate their claim on a multitude of websites, they never do, they can't. THEY are the ones always making claims they can't prove," to which Detractor #4 posts:

"As far as "they'll never substantiate their claim, they never do, they can't", neither does *****, as far as I'm concerned, which some other people obviously agree with judging by the last few pages of posts. It goes both ways. At least she shows some dignity by not resorting to insulting people."

So what does Big Alice have to say for herself? Absolutely nothing of course! She ignores EVERYTHING that was posted and the questions asked of her and posts some drivel about not all fans accepting everything TK does as wonderful. Yawn. Enter Detractor #5 (responding to Big Alice's claim that her knowledge comes from working in Hollywood and that KAK was told to arrive last at the Batman Begins premiere):

"Okay no offense meant MS but this is where a lot of the problems on this thread come from. I dont think you especially are making it very clear that you are inferring something from your experience which is not fact im sorry but it just isnt. I have experience in the industry too and mine tells me that any studio would be pissed that their premiere was overshadowed by a tabloid headline especially of a movie that is trying to reestablish a franchise as something other than the fluff that had stalled the franchise previously. My experience tells me to keep my film as far away from the kind of tabloid fodder that is tomkat as possible so the concept that anyone would plan to have the premiere overshadowed that way is simply not logical IN MY EXPERIENCE. You dont work for Tom Cruise nor are you the be all and end all of information about the industry and sometimes you give the impression that everyone should defer to your opinion when really its just an opinion like anyone elses. And that stands for everyone not just you, its all just discussion."

Big Alice posts again (chastising someone for assuming! BWAH!), then several posts later decides that she should respond to Detractor #5 in a most arrogant fashion:

"I don't claim to be the be all, end all--but neither do I agree that my experiences are just "opinion"; I offer them as another way of looking at things for those who are interested. You know what would be nice? Not having to defend my Heinz 57 resume every time a new crop of posters comes on board...maybe even an occasional concession that I do know something of which I speak. If the variety and depth of my experience sounds suspicious to you, maybe it's because I've been around longer than I like to admit and never really focused on one area (somewhat of a career blunder, it turns out) because everything fascinated me."

sunnyringo: I would concede that you do know something, if just one single thing you've ever spouted off or predicted turned into fact. So far that has yet to happen, therefore I still find you to be a moron with an overblown sense of self-importance. Shadowkat you are not.

But the best part of all of this is that Big Alice, who claims to love discussion threads, who claims that she loves debates and arguing her points, is SOOO fed up with being asked to back up the bullshit that she spouts and not being worshipped, that she feels the need to publically announce that she's using her ignore button. No, seriously:

"First, let me say that the IGNORE button is a great and a wonderful thing; I highly recommend it. So for all those who wonder why I don't respond to certain posts, it's a choice I have made to preserve my sanity--and save us all another tiresome personal debate. I pick the discussions that are important to me and concede nothing!"

LMFAO!!! I say it's way too late to preserve her sanity, that shit waved bye bye to her years ago. And if she wants to put the detractors on "Ignore" then forget about sanity, she's going to completely lose her grip on the English language! None of the fans have a clue where the shift key is, that there's a difference between a period, a question mark, and an exclamation point, that lol is not an acceptable form of punctuation, or that "i agree with you lol" does not move a discussion along. At least they'll never question her, though, they don't have the vocabulary to do so, nor do they have the reading comprehension to tell that she's blowing smoke up their asses. Looks like Big Alice has finally found her tribe.
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