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Refreshing Honesty

There seems to be a lot of hate out there (at least on the internet) for Kiki Dunst, but I don't really get it. I don't know why people waste their energy on disliking her when there are a lot worse worthless celebrities like Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller, and Katie Holmes out there.

Besides, I kind of have a soft spot for her due to the fact that she is a less pretty version of my younger cousin, that I love Dick (double entendre most definitely on purpose), and that she was excellent in The Virgin Suicides. So when she goes and says something like this about another actor, I have to laud her for her honesty.

KIRSTEN DUNST insists the thought of kissing KEVIN SPACEY put her off a part in Oscar winning movie AMERICAN BEAUTY. The actress was originally tipped to play Spacey's teenage lust interest in the 1999 film, a role later taken by MENA SUVARI, but was repulsed at the thought of smooching an older man. She explains, "I was only 15 then and I didn't want to kiss Kevin Spacey or be seen lying naked in those rose petals.

That is frickin' awesome! In a business where everyone trips over themselves to lie about their real feelings toward other actors, Kirsten manages to be honest and state the obvious. After all, who would WANT to star opposite and kiss Kevin Spacey?

Wait a minute, Tom Cruise starred opposite Kevin Spacey in the third Austin Powers movie...
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