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Snufalupagus or Suri?

Well, we here at Hollywood Heathers have been terribly remiss in making Big Alice posts recently. Hey, you know, life gets busy. But fear not, we will never let Big Alice slip our notice for long. Especially when she posts little gems like this:

Obviously, we will have to disagree on how much time Suri is really away from her mother. The last time I checked, the paps weren't timing their appearances or flight times and no one knows exactly when KH got back in L.A.--or indeed when she met up with Suri. It's all supposition.

Why is it not possible that Suri is not only outside a lot at home but on visits to friends or hikes in the Santa Monica mountains (which TC's family has always been known to do)? The paps don't follow them everywhere--half the time they don't even know where KH or TC are until they arrive and have been there for some time.

So, apparently little Suri is Snufalupagus, Big Alice is Big Bird (because how else would she know that Suri is out in public a lot when there has been no proof otherwise?), and the paps are the rest of the Sesame Street residents.

Critical Thinking Skills
Big Alice
Delusion-Free Thinking

Which one of these things is not like the other?
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