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Dina Lohan, Enabler Extraordinaire

Lindsay's mommy responds to the big, bad, man being mean to her little girl. From Access Hollywood:

Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, spoke exclusively to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush about the harsh letter Lindsay received from a studio executive and comes to her defense.

The interview airs on Access Hollywood, Monday, July 31, 2006.

Earlier this week, Lindsay received a letter from the CEO of the production company on her current project, "Georgia Rule," scolding her for her "…irresponsible and unprofessional" actions. In response to the letter, Dina told Bush, "The wording was ridiculous." When asked if she thought the executive, James G. Robinson, was out of line and what brought on the unprecedented blast, Dina said, "I feel when you are 19 (years old) it is way out of line… Maybe he has personal issues with whomever and it came out with my child. I don't know him. I can't judge him. I don't think it was a smart thing to do to a young girl."

When asked if there was any truth to claims in the letter, Dina came to her daughter's defense saying, "Lindsay was in 105 (degree weather) saying, 'Mommy, I feel sick; like I am going to faint.' She took herself to the hospital. She has asthma and in extreme cold or heat you can't breathe."

Dina added, "…I'm a mother and will do what I need to do to protect my child…I don't feel it should be aired out and everyone should know. It's personal."

When asked about accusations in the letter that Lindsay's "…ongoing all night heavy partying" was responsible for her not showing up on set, Dina said, "Lindsay gets to work late, OK… She's a human being. There was one day when she was late and they worked the schedule around her. Garry (Marshall, the film's director), Jane (Fonda, her co-star), everybody loves her."

In regards to Lindsay's status, Dina told Access Hollywood, "As far as Lindsay's health is concerned, she's fine and she is back on set." Dina added to Bush, "She will win an Academy Award for this picture… Justice!"

Wow, well, where to start. Ok, how about with some math: Psst, Dina...Lindsay is 20. Remember all the birthday celebrations she had several weeks ago? Yeah, turns out that's what they were for. I know it's difficult to remember when she's out partying every night, but moms usually remember that sort of thing--that is, when they're not too busy out partying themselves.

Man, I don't want to feel sorry for Lindsay, but seeing the way her mother is in total denial that her little meal ticket--er, I mean girl, is fucking up her life? With guidance like that, I can at least see how it can happen.
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