h_woodheathers (h_woodheathers) wrote in hwoodheathers,

Attaque des Femmes de Zombi

Translation: Attack of the Zombie Women!

Yes, it's true, Kool-Aid Katie truly is her own woman, going so far as to leave Captain Crazy back at Casa Clam and go meet her BFF Posh Spice in Paris for Fashion Week. Or at least that's what they'd like you to think. It was, as is everything they do, transparent as glass, and done to make us *believe* KAK actually has a life other than following the Commander around to every sporting event in the western world. Naturally, she went sans Suri (which is why the child's new name is now, for our purposes, changed to Sans-Suri)--because every "hands-on mother" with no outside help who cooks the meals and does the housework does things like this (glares at Vanity Fair "writer" Jane Sarkin for pimping this fairy-tale; btw, I hope you all wrote to the publication expressing just how ridiculous that article was; I know I did). Alas, all it did was give us more visual proof that the girl (not yet a woman) has no connection to her child and is in this relationship for the perks. So, without further ado:

She looks like a legless lesbian.

Drags Queens 'r Us

So, that's where my old prom dress went!

Oh, and Roger Friedman from Fox News is reporting that he's heard the wedding will be sometime in the first three weeks of November. I'd say the easiest way to figure it out is to get a hold of Isabella and Connor Cruise's football and soccer schedules; the week neither has a game will be the wedding (because Xenu forbid the famewhorin' twosome miss a photo op!). So help me, if it's November 11th, this Heather's birthday, someone is going down.
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