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Douchebaggery 101

Just when you thought that Donald Trump had set the lowest possible point of douchebaggery on the bell curve, he goes and shoots his mouth off on Larry King Live about Angelina Jolie.

KING: OK, back to some thing current. You recently applauded Brad Pitt's stance on not marrying Angelina Jolie. I believe you said that you consider everyone -- when he said everyone should be married but don't bug him, why?

TRUMP: Well, look, number one, I know her father. Her father is a nice guy. I think she treats him like a dog but maybe they have some kind of a thing.

KING: Yes, why, he's a good guy?

TRUMP: I mean this poor sap he comes along and he practically begs her, "I want to see my grandson. I want to see this." I mean if I were with him, I'd say "Forget it. It's over."

KING: He's also a great actor, Jon Voight.

TRUMP: I think he's a great actor and she just treats him terribly. She's been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby, OK, with the other side. And, I just don't even find her attractive. That has nothing to do with why I said it though.

He made that statement, right, and he made it like he's doing this wonderful thing for humanity. I think he probably made it just because he doesn't want to get married, which is, you know, not so bad.

KING: You've been quoted...

TRUMP: But I'm not a fan of hers as you probably noticed.

Now I don't think that Angelina Jolie is perfect, but I do admire her moxie and her make-no-excuses lifestyle. She lives her life on her terms, and you can fuck off if you find it weird or do not approve of it. As far as I'm concerned, Hollywood could use a lot more celebrites like her instead of brainless ciphers who sell their bodies and souls to crazy, $100,000-limit-credit-card-waving dwarves in exchange for shots at the A-List. In other words, Angelina Jolie gets it done instead of allowing others to do it for her.

I digress. So, I'm not even going to go into the Donald Trump aspect of this exchange. He's nothing but a pathetic, desperate famewhore who is looking to get some PR. Instead, I much prefer to discuss "nice guy" Jon Voight. Let's take a little look at some of the things that Mr. Nice Guy has done...

- cheated on his wife and abandoned her and their children when they were very young

- only tried to have a better relationship with his daughter after she became more famous than him

- made slurs against her mental state on an entertainment show when she was in the process of adopting a child

- only claimed her biological child as his grandchild while overlooking her two adopted children, as well as expressed a desire to spend time with only the biological grandchild

- couldn't even remember the name of one of her children

- used his daughter's fame to get on entertainment shows because otherwise no one gives a fuck about his has-been, wrinkled old ass.

Yep, I'd say Jon Voight utterly qualifies as a "nice guy". Of course, if by "nice guy" you mean Tom Cruise, Jame Gumb, Bill Romanowski, and Caligula.
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