h_woodheathers (h_woodheathers) wrote in hwoodheathers,

I do not like Jennifer Aniston. Yeah, she was funny for a few years on Friends, but like the rest of the show, that Rachel schtick got real old after four seasons. I have this litmus test I do on women of whom I am suspicious might be high maintenance or a pain in the ass. I ask if they are a Jennifer Aniston fan. If they say yes, then I assume that they are as insecure, neurotic, self-pitying, and self-obsessed as she is. Ergo, I know to avoid such women like the plague. Also, it gives me and my cool snarky friends new targets at which to aim our barbs. Is that fair? No. Is it foolproof? No. Do I care? Not really.

The reason I do not like Jennifer Aniston is because all she has is her pain. Oh, wait, she also has her hair and her latest form of exercise. Pain, hair, and exercise. What a combination.

Apparently she is chafing at all the PR that Brad and Angelina have been getting recently, so she's on the cover of US this week with - you guessed it - her pain, her hair, and her yoga.

Here's an idea, Jen...get over it already. Do something that doesn't involve the way your body looks or that isn't in pursuit of being a movie star (which ain't never going to happen, btw). Find a charity, adopt a child, get involved in a worthy social issue, take up a cause, any cause, besides yourself
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